Westside Gunn Calls Out To Kanye West To See If He’s Ok Amid New Twitter Rant

Westside Gunn Calls Out To Kanye West To See If He’s Ok Amid New Twitter Rant

Kanye West is always in the headlines for some reason or another. Earlier in the week, West was stirring controversy when he put Universal Music Group and Sony on blast for his record contract which the rapper appears to want out of.

Either way, Westside Gunn, a friend of Kanye’s, reportedly reached out to him to make sure he’s doing alright. Earlier in the morning today, Kanye unleashed a firestorm of social media posts in which he took aim at the Forbes CCO, Randall Lane.

In addition to receiving a temporary ban from Twitter, Kanye touched on the injustices of the music industry, including the rights of the artist to own their master recordings, which are almost never granted to them unless they pay a significant amount.

While not many people have enjoyed Kanye’s behavior over the last few months, most in the music industry appears to agree with Kanye on his take of the music business.

Westside Gunn confirmed this week that he got off the phone with the rapper. He says it was true that Kanye had been banned for a few days from Twitter. Regardless of his social media posting schedule, Westside Gunn voiced his support.

The artist wrote that what Kanye was doing was for the greater good, and it was only when a person spoke out against the injustice that social sharing platforms choose to silence them.

Reportedly, Twitter temporarily banned Kanye because he outed the Forbes CCO’s personal information, including his cell phone number which is against the company’s terms and conditions.

While many might believe he was banned for speaking out against a perceived injustice, social media users noted how he simply transgressed Twitter’s terms and conditions.

Westside Gunn has come to bat for Kanye before, albeit controversially. Amid his firestorm of tweets regarding his family and his presidential campaign, Westside Gunn came out to say that Kanye was living in crazy-land among the Kardashians.

In fact, Westside Gunn appeared to insinuate that the family was insane because Bruce Jenner transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner.