Vincent Herbert Drops A Message For Tamar Braxton’s Ex, David Adefeso: ‘We Are Not Friends (…) You Used Tamar’s Love And Trust’

Vincent Herbert Drops A Message For Tamar Braxton’s Ex, David Adefeso: ‘We Are Not Friends (…) You Used Tamar’s Love And Trust’

It’s been revealed that amidst the massive scandal between Tamar Braxton and her ex, David Adefeso, the father of her child, Logan, Vincent Herbert also had a few things to say. It’s been revealed that some leaked messaged between the two men are making light in this case.

It seems that the messages that the two men exchange have been obtained by The Neighborhood Talk.

Here’s what David wrote to Vince:

‘Hey Vince, I’m currently spending time with my mom on the spiritual journey she and my pastor brother-in-law and I have been on the past few months. As I described yesterday and as I’m sure you can relate to, I need to heal and the only way I know to do that is using the spirit and word of God.’

He continued in the same note and then asked Vince for an address where he could send Tamar and Logan’s belongings.

‘It is now safe to say she’s moved on from this vile and abusive relationship and hearing the tape from the other day, I don’t blame her,’ Vince said.

He continued and said that ‘Tamar is getting help. As you know, she has been in deep therapy from Dr. V who treats and care for people like Tamar…’

Vince also said that ‘Please know that after the stunt you pulled on Saturday you seeing my son is absolutely out of the question. You used a 7-year-old boy and his emotions for your own publicity stunt. Never again will you be alone with him for any reason. You used Tamar’s love and trust for you and manipulated time with Logan to use him for your Instagram and likes…’

You can check out the alleged exchange of lines between the two above.

Someone said: ‘African men will abuse you and play victim they are my brothers I know them well,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Vince will always have her back! I love it!!’

A follower wrote: ‘What type of messages are these? Was the phone placed on a copy machine or something?’

Someone else posted this: ‘Exactly, when it comes to babies, all beef goes out the window, Vince let them know!’

A fan said: ‘Vince should not use the word “abuse” when it’s been said he was hitting Tamar 😭’ and another follower posted: ‘Vince old af who tf printing out text messages. You could have shown us a screen recording.’

Recently, David made a video in which he’s explaining what’s been going on. He said that he’s been a victim of domestic assault.