Vanessa Hudgens Is Stunning In This Versace Suit

Vanessa Hudgens Is Stunning In This Versace Suit

Vanessa Hudgens is one of Hollywood’s most notable beauties. Whether she is on the beach, flaunting her flawless figure in a bikini, or dressed to the nines in a suit, Vanessa always delivers! Now, she’s serving gorgeousness wearing a Versace suit with complementary Versace pumps. The full look was shared on celebrity stylist Jason Bolden’s Instagram story along with many headshots that are making social media rounds.

Often compared to Mila Kunis, Vanessa looked magnificent with her hair in loose waves featuring an off-center part. Chad Wood styled Vanessa’s hair and shared the following photo along with the caption: ‘Feels good to be back with @VanessaHudgens. Vanessa was promoting her new Netflix movie The Princess Switch: Switched Again where she plays three characters: Margaret, Fiona, and Stacy.

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Source: Chad Wood Hair/Instagram

Allan Avendaño of Allan Face on Instagram did Vanessa’s makeup. She looked flawless and he shared a close-up photo that showed off her amazing eye makeup. You may see that picture of Vanessa Hudgens below.

Source: Allan Face/Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens wore the Versace Ring Detail, Single Breasted Blazer. You may see the rings that are affixed at the blazer’s shoulders to the sleeves in the photo above. The ring detail is also featured on the blazer’s back and sides. The blazer retails for approximately $4,300.

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The pants that Vanessa wore are called the Versace Eyelet Detail Tailored Trousers. The pants feature open slits along the sides with mathcing ring details to secure them. You may see a photo of the pants below.

Source: Versace

Vanessa looked sensational in the outfit and wore a pair of Versace Medusa pumps. You may see a photo of Vanessa Hudgens’ complete look below.

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Source: Jason Boldens/Instagram

What do you think about Vanessa Hudgens’ Versace outfit? Do you like the ring details on her blazer and pants? Did you see her new movie The Princess Switch: Switched Again available on Netflix?

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