Tyler The Creator Shouts Out To Trippie Redd – Says He’s ‘Sick’ But He Loves It

Tyler The Creator Shouts Out To Trippie Redd – Says He’s ‘Sick’ But He Loves It

Tyler The Creator has unique taste in other artists, and it appears that he fancies himself as a self-described “weirdo” of sorts. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a social media post from the artist this week in which he showered Trippie Redd with praise.

Trippie Redd is similar to Tyler in the sense that both artists have their own unique style and taste. On one of Trippie Redd’s IG posts this week, Tyler The Creator described Trippie Redd as “such a freak,” but he meant that in the “best possible way.”

Tyler The Creator went on to write in his post that he was “beautiful,” so beautiful that it’s “sick.” It’s very possible the pair of performing artists could be become great friends, at least if this recent social media exchange is an indication of anything.

In other news, Tyler The Creator has been in the headlines for other reasons, including when he met up with P. Diddy near the ocean and also argued with Solange over Monica Denise’s outfit amid her Verzuz battle.

Fans of Tyler The Creator know he was recently acknowledged by the Grammy Awards. At the start of the year, he won a Grammy, and during his acceptance speech, he touched on what he felt was a “back-handed compliment.”

Tyler said being labeled as an “urban” or a “rap” artist, despite not fitting into that category, had racist undertones.

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Reportedly, social media users were upset that the Grammy Awards were giving out accolades to black artists even though not only of them fit under the rap category. Tyler The Creator addressed this phenomenon in his speech which led to a social media debate.

Fans of Tyler defended him on a number of fronts, noting how the artist is a “visionary,” and deserved to win awards in other categories as well.

One person argued, however, that Tyler The Creator only won an award because his record was “easy for white people to digest.” During his speech, Tyler the Creator said that the term, “Urban,” was just another way of saying the “N-word.”