Tiffany Haddish Reveals She Spends More Of Her Time At Her ‘Man’ Common’s Place – Here’s Why!

Tiffany Haddish Reveals She Spends More Of Her Time At Her ‘Man’ Common’s Place – Here’s Why!

It sounds Tiffany Haddish’s relationship with Common is going great and she was willing to share some details with fans, one of them being that she has been spending more of her time at his place rather than at her own house! Here’s why!

As you might know, the actress was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and during their six-feet apart interview, she revealed that during this global pandemic, she has been spending more time at Common’s house than at her own!

When the host joked that now it’s ‘common knowledge’ that Tiffany is dating the actor and musician, she acknowledged proudly that ‘Yeah, that’s my man!’

She went on to also joke that ‘Yeah, his house is way bigger than my house, so that is nice. We spend much more time at his place. I live in South Central LA and he came over at my house maybe once or twice and then I have been to his so – he lives in the Hills, you know. It’s nice. He has a pool. He got one of them lap pools.’

The couple met while shooting the movie the Kitchen last year and in April of this year when the pandemic was already taking over, they had a remote date via Bumble.

Then, in August, Tiffany finally confirmed that they are indeed, romantically involved, gushing that ‘This is hands down the very best relationship I have ever been in.’

And she was not the only one raving about the man!

Common also described his girlfriend as ‘a wonderful woman, a queen and just a beautiful person.’ Aww….

Among many other things, Tiffany also talked about popping into a Justin Bieber IG Live session once and apparently, she was shocked when the singer shouted her out.

‘I was like, ‘He knows me? Wow!’ But then I was like, ‘Wait, he don’t know me. He probably just heard about me.’ He seems like he’d be a lot of fun to hang out with,’ she told Ellen about the star.