The Most Recent Episode Of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Saw Drew Sidora Falling And Becoming Unable To Walk While On A Trip With Other Women To Jamaica

The Step Up actress, 37, fell while running Marlo Hampton in Jamaica’s National Stadium on Sunday’s broadcast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

First, Sanya Richards-Ross, who was organizing the team’s visit to her native nation, gave them a tour of the location she had called home for a long time.

She joined the group at the Stadium and said, “This honestly matters so lot to me that you’re here.” When I had the ambitious goal of winning an Olympic medal, here was the first location I raced.

Richards-Ross, who won gold at the Olympic Games in 2004, 2008, and 2012, said, “I was used to racing the 400, and I used to do it in 48 seconds [an American record].

She then informed the cameras, “When I was moving ahead, running for Team USA gave a lot of amazing chances.” “I got access to some of the finest coaches in the world and worked with them. In the beginning, I faced a lot of criticism, but things eventually turned around.

The Jamaicans welcomed me as if I were their representative. It has always felt wonderful to be able to represent both countries, and I always felt honored to do so.”

Hampton and Sidora, a former track and field stars made the decision to race in good fun. The situation worsened when Sidora collapsed to her knees after finishing the game, which Hampton won.

Sidora exclaimed, “I should just not have been doing it,” as husband Ralph Pittman swiftly took off her sock and shoe to examine the problem.

She continued, “I made the following step, and I instantly felt my ankle give out. “I quickly realized that this is another ruptured Achilles.”

She went to the doctor, where it was determined that she had, in fact, torn her Achilles tendon, rendering her temporarily unable to walk and putting her on crutches.