Selena Gomez And Jimmy Butler – Are They Really Dating?

Selena Gomez And Jimmy Butler – Are They Really Dating?

There have been rumors going around that Selena Gomez and the NBA star are dating but is that really the case? As it turns out, the famous singer and actress is not ready for a serious relationship at this point.

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That’s not to say that she and Jimmy Butler have not hung out a ‘few times!’

This is what a brand new insider claims to know about the star’s love life amid dating speculations.

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The source told E! News that Selena is still keeping all her options open but she has been on a few dates with Jimmy and thinks he’s a great guy. They hung out a few times while Selena was in New York City. Jimmy asked her to go to dinner and they had a great time. It is very casual and she is open to seeing where things go, but isn’t settling down just yet.’

They stressed that at this point in time, Gomez is still very much single but has indeed, been more open to dating lately.

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Regardless, she actually loves being single even while her pals always want to set her up on dates.

Aside from just being content as a single woman, another reason why Selena is not in a hurry to try and find someone new is the pandemic!

The singer has apparently been extra careful not to take and spread the virus which would be really dangerous for her since she has lupus. So social distancing it is!