Prince Harry Joins Helicopter Club To Take Archie And Meghan For Rides

Prince Harry Joins Helicopter Club To Take Archie And Meghan For Rides

The Sun reported this week that Prince Harry joined a helicopter club near Santa Barbara, California, that way he can take his son and wife on trips around the country. As part of the perks of joining the club, Harry will also be able to update his license and ensure it’s renewed.

An insider who spoke with the Sun says Harry joined the club that way he could keep his helicopter license up to date with the current standards. The source says there are regulations around who can keep their license, and it’s often determined by the number of hours a pilot flies per year.

If a pilot drops below a certain threshold, they won’t be able to fly in the United States anymore, and it’s often the same way in the United Kingdom. A close friend of the Prince says Harry is proud of getting the license.

He worked hard to get it, and while he doesn’t plan on touring with the military ever again, he and Meghan can go on trips if they want to, at least if he keeps his license up to date.

According to Page Six, Harry first trained to become a helicopter pilot in 2008 and again in 2012. He started out as a pilot of Apache helicopters but later became a co-pilot gunner. During his time in Afghanistan, Harry flew a two-man Apache.

Interestingly, Harry doesn’t actually own a helicopter at this point, but many of his rich neighbors do. The source says there is no question that many of his neighbors will enjoy having an association with the Prince, and using his skills as a pilot will certainly act as a nice way of getting to know each other.

In case you missed it, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently signed a deal with Netflix for $150,000,000. Put simply, it’s clear the power couple will have the money to afford as many helicopters as they want.

They have come under fire recently, however, including by some who have accused them of being hypocrites for preaching about environmentally friendly practices while flying around in private jets.