Porsha Williams Updates Fans On The Case Of Breonna Taylor

Porsha Williams Updates Fans On The Case Of Breonna Taylor

Porsha Williams shared a post on her social media account, updating her fans and followers about the case of Breonna Taylor. Six months have passed since the tragedy.

An upset follower said: ‘So you all rather try to pay this problem away !!! We won’t stop !! Arrest the cops that Killed #BreonnaTaylor ! It’s that simple if you think you should pay, it seems you admit to wrongdoing. Give this family real justice! Why are these killers being protected? #BulliesInBadges #EndQualifiedImmunity.’

Someone else posted this: ‘You can’t put a price on a person’s life. They need real justice.’

A commenter said: ‘If the family decides to take the money and choose not to pursue the arrest anymore, then it’s not your fight anymore 🤷‍♀️’

One other follower posted this message: ‘Y’all protesting for nothing them cops not going to jail because the family took money!!! Stop going to jail behind this you have a child.’

One person said: ‘soo after all the rioting and people going to jail n losing their lives behind this. You tell me that her family settled for 12 million????’

A fan posted: ‘The horrible truth is they being protected because she is black they don’t care about our life they care about they own her family needs justice.’

Someone else wrote: ‘Exactly! The family needs to return it back. Black people need to stop allowing them to pay for the price of their families’ lives.’

One other commenter wrote this message, in order to make some light among the commenters above: ‘I don’t think the settlement has anything to do with prosecuting the police. They didn’t take the money in exchange for the policeman not to be prosecuted. The lawsuit was separate.’

Porsha Williams shared a photo in which she’s relaxing in her 0wn line of sheets, and fans are excited in the comments.