Paris Hilton Was Wise To Set Up A Spy Cam With Ex Boyfriend Alexs Novakovic In ‘This Is Paris’, Fans Say

Paris Hilton Was Wise To Set Up A Spy Cam With Ex Boyfriend Alexs Novakovic In ‘This Is Paris’, Fans Say

In Paris Hilton’s eye-opening documentary This Is Paris, there is a part in the film that has left fans reeling, and ironically, it is a part that she wanted to leave out. It has to do with her ex-boyfriend Alexs Novakovic and his treatment of Paris before she performed the biggest DJ show of her life — Tomorrowland.

The couple had an explosive fight but not before Paris was seen setting up a spy cam in her house when Alexs was coming to stay over while she was gone. Paris made it clear throughout the documentary that she has major trust issues due to the abuse she experienced as a teenager and no one can blame her for not trusting Alexs.

It appears she was right to be distrusting as well.

Though everyone has their fair share of ups and downs in a relationship, but nothing compares to what happened between Alexs and Paris less than five minutes before it was time for her to perform live! It was evident that Alexs was not the best man for her and would do nothing to empower her as a woman and only detract from her success and dreams.

It was clear there relationship was over and Paris not only knew it, but had Alexs removed from the festival!

Though it sounds like a lot of drama, it was a portion of the film that truly resonated with viewers and had many who watched furiously that Alexs wouldn’t cater to Paris and be there for her needs at the biggest moment in her career. Instead, he made it all about himself as he complained about the attention she was giving to others.

Clearly this couple was not destined to be together!

You may see how the drama unfolded in Paris Hilton‘s documentary This Is Paris in the video player below.

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