Paris Hilton Says She Wants A Boy And Girl Twin – She Froze Her Eggs To Make The Dream A Reality

Paris Hilton Says She Wants A Boy And Girl Twin – She Froze Her Eggs To Make The Dream A Reality

Paris Hilton isn’t entirely sure when she’ll have kids, but she knows that she wants to have some in the future. The 39-year-old appeared in a new documentary in which she touched on her decision to freeze her eggs in the hopes of one day having a child.

During her appearence on the LadyGang podcast, Paris explained how she wanted to have a boy or a girl. Paris says that when a woman freezes her eggs, she and her partner can determine whether they’re going to have a boy, a girl, or even twins.

Hilton claims she’d like to have a boy and girl twin. It’s not entirely clear who “we” is, but it’s safe to assume that Paris meant she and her boyfriend, Carter Reum. She and Carter have been dating for over one year now.

During an interview with the Sunday Times this past month, Paris claimed she wanted to have kids with Carter, and she believes he would make a great father.

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Hilton has already picked out the names of one of her kids as well, specifically the girl, London. Paris says she hasn’t figured out the name of the boy yet, but she’ll decide soon enough.

This past Monday, Paris also released a project on her YouTube channel called, This Is Paris, in which she explored her life and her trials and tribulations over the years. Regarding being a mother, Paris said she just didn’t want to miss out on having kids.

Hilton reportedly has the goal of making one billion dollars, and she won’t have children until she reaches that goal. She says she knows it “sounds crazy,” but it’s what she wants to do.

As for what inspired her to make the decision to freeze her eggs, Paris claims she got the idea from Kim Kardashian West, who has had four kids with Kanye West. Chicago and Psalm were both born through surrogates and frozen embryos.

During a chat with The Sunday Times, Paris said she and Kim had an “amazing conversation” about having a kid. She felt so inspired by their chat that she went out and froze her eggs after Kim recommended her a doctor.