Paris Hilton Reveals Her Real Voice As She Says She’s Been Playing The ‘Dumb Blonde’ For Years — Hear Her Speak!

Paris Hilton Reveals Her Real Voice As She Says She’s Been Playing The ‘Dumb Blonde’ For Years — Hear Her Speak!

Paris Hilton is showing her true self and real voice for the first time to the public in her new documentary This Is Paris. The shocking documentary featured a candid look at the socialite and DJ as she revealed that the persona she has exhibited in the media was all an act. In fact, not only was Paris hiding her real voice, she was hiding the years of abuse she endured as a teen. The abuse that Paris Hilton went through was so traumatizing, she continues to suffer from PTSD and nightmares.

It isn’t just her voice that Paris Hilton shows the world in This Is Paris — it is her vulnerability.

As soon as the documentary begins, Paris Hilton effortlessly runs through the many voices that she uses until she finally introduces her voice by yelling, “This is f#$king Paris Hilton.” Although she reveals her true voice and explains that her “dumb blonde” routine was all an act, you will watch as Paris uses different voices throughout the documentary.

When Paris spent time with her ex-boyfriend, Paris’s voice quickly became high-pitched and at times she reverted to using a little girl’s sounding voice. At other times her voice was deeper, more confident and controlled.

You may see an interview featuring Paris Hilton speaking about the different voices that she uses and her real voice in the video player below.

If you haven’t seen the full documentary This Is Paris that is billed as her real story, you may watch it below.

The documentary has gone viral and currently has more than five million views.

The response to Paris Hilton’s documentary has been phenomenal and fans are leaving messages on her social media offering their support and encouragement. Many people are telling Paris that they have a new respect for her and have commended her on her bravery.

Have you watched This Is Paris? What did you think about her documentary? Were you surprised that Paris Hilton hasn’t been speaking with her real voice?

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