Nikki Bella Inspires Followers After Showing Off Her Post-Partum Body

Nikki Bella Inspires Followers After Showing Off Her Post-Partum Body

Nikki Bella has maintained her athletic build for quite some time after being forced into retirement from the WWE. Now, the new mom is adjusting to her body after giving birth to baby Matteo.

Nikki has always wanted to be a mother. This wish came true sooner rather than later when she found out she was pregnant with Artem Chigvintsev’s baby.

After a high-risk pregnancy, she welcomes Matteo into the world on July 31 — just one day before her twin sister, Brie Bella, was scheduled for a c-section.

On top of being a mom to a small infant, she is having to live like a single mom while Artem is practicing and set to compete on Dancing With the Stars.

She doesn’t have any time to get a relevant amount of exercise and like most moms, she has to eat when she gets a chance to.

The Total Bellas star bravely showed off her post-partum physique via Instagram and inspired her followers. Although she admitted it was terrifying to do so, she wanted other moms to know that the road to losing the pounds gained during pregnancy isn’t easy.

‘This was really hard to do, but I felt like it was the right thing to do because I feel like sometimes on social media, and people sometimes in the spotlight, we just truly don’t showcase how hard postpartum can be and the journey of getting your body back.’

She revealed that she’s 18 pounds away from her old weight in the videos she posted on her story.

‘I want to blame so bad COVID and being in Arizona with a lot of heat that I didn’t get to workout like I used to. But no. I indulged in pizza quite a bit especially towards the end and baked goods. I have to take full accountability. so I am now in a journey to lose 18 pounds, but in the most healthiest way possible because I’m breastfeeding obviously, and giving my son the most amazing nutrition is No. 1, so there’s going to be no crash-diets, no starving myself.’

In a post where she told followers to go to her Story, fans praised her for being brave enough to get real about the changes that pregnancy brings to the body.