NBA Player Ty Lawson Banned From Chinese Basketball Association For Comments On Chinese Women

NBA Player Ty Lawson Banned From Chinese Basketball Association For Comments On Chinese Women

Ty Lawson has been playing basketball all over the world through not only the NBA but also in the Chinese Basketball Association. Hot New Hip Hop says that recently, Lawson has been playing in China as part of the CBA, but his time as an athlete in the Asian nation might be over.

Reportedly, Lawson has been banned from playing in the CBA for life after he made comments about Chinese women on his Instagram account. Lawson reportedly said on his Instagram Story that “Chinese women got cakes on the low. Might switch up my stance soon lol.”

The message came alongside a picture of him grinding up against a woman in a strip club. He wrote “Yolo, I guess,” underneath the photo. Obviously, the league wasn’t happy with Lawson because they served him with an immediate and permanent ban.

As most know, the Chinese government is known for censoring comments they find offensive, and oftentimes, there is no means for recourse. As for what he’ll be doing next in his career, it’s probable the player will have to get back into the NBA.

This wouldn’t be the first time an NBA player got themselves into trouble in relation to China. Lebron James came under fire after he claimed that a general manager was “uneducated and misinformed” in relation to his comments about the Hong Kong protestors.

James reportedly said that the general manager of the Rockets, Daryl Morey, was “either misinformed” or uneducated about the protests in Hong Kong.

It was reported by ESPN later that he claimed Morey was unaware of the way in which people could be hurt by his remarks. Later, James came out to say that Morey probably could’ve released his tweet just a week later, and maybe the problem could’ve been avoided.

According to multiple reports, James and a few other players lost endorsement deals as a result of their remarks. As it was previously reported, Daryl Morey tweeted out his support for the Hong Kong protestors who were in the middle of a skirmish with Chinese forces at the time.