Monday Night Football: Pittsburgh Steelers After a Road-Win Against NY Giants

Monday Night Football: Pittsburgh Steelers After a Road-Win Against NY Giants

The first Monday Night Football this season features a double-header. However, the one which is officially named the MNF game is in New York, where Giants host the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After that, the Broncos face Tennessee Titans in Denver, closing Week 1 of the new NFL season.

Steelers’ Comeback to the Big Stage

Mike Tomlin saw a lot of things over the past two seasons. One thing he didn’t was the playoffs. The Steelers survived all the breakups, injuries, and bad stuff, and they are now eager to roar their back into the scene.

Big Ben is back, Eric Ebron came from Indianapolis, and WR Chase Claypool came out of college. With James Conner and Shuster-Smith, there is no doubt that the Steelers are going to be much better than before.

Remember, they were near the playoffs last year, relying solely on defense. When mentioning the defensive team, it is arguably the best in the league. The Steelers were first in the league with 54 sacks, also allowing 3.8 yards per carry.

After saying all this, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Steelers not just reaching the playoffs but going deep into the same.

Jones, the Key For Giants’ Success

The Giants are unclear. They have a young QB with a high ceiling. They also have one of the best RBs in the league, without a doubt the one with the most talent, Saquon Barkley. But something is missing. That is at least how the last season looked.

The first thing which crosses the mind of an average football fan is – experience. These two guys are youngsters who still have to learn a lot about the NFL. Though with 1,003 yards and 6 TDs, Barkley already established himself as the running force.

Jones, however, led the league in fumbles last campaign. His 24 TDs are very good, but 12 picks and poor protection of the ball are the main reasons why Giants can be considered nothing more than a mediocre team. That is if he doesn’t evolve in the recent future.

Regarding the defense, apart from rushing stops, there aren’t too many things Giants can be proud of. They allow 3.9 yards per carry and 113.3 yards per game.

All in all, the game at MetLife Stadium promises to be interesting, as every season opener, especially the one on Monday night. However, it seems that the Steelers’ win shouldn’t be questioned.