Miley Cyrus Claims Her Bedroom Life Has Gone ‘Virtual’

Miley Cyrus Claims Her Bedroom Life Has Gone ‘Virtual’

According to Miley Cyrus, her sex-life is more cyber these days than anything. During a new interview with Howard Stern, Miley shared with the host that she hasn’t been dating in-person like she used to, but she has been having “FaceTime sex.”

The star – who just broke up with Cody Simpson in recent months – claimed FaceTime sex was the “safest.” The singer-songwriter explained how she didn’t want to get COVID-19, and there was no way that she was going to either.

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Cyrus went on to say it was “just ridiculous” for people not to take the proper “precautions” to keep everyone else safe. “It’s f*cked up,” the singer added.

The 28-year-old says 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic has been a really “interesting and challenging time” for anyone who’s dating or at least trying to meet other people.

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Reportedly, a source who spoke with Page Six this week explained that after Miley and Cody broke up, Miley was eager to start dating around again. Before her romance with Cody, she also dated Kaitlynn Carter not long after splitting from her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

Miley and Liam finished their divorce proceedings earlier in 2020. Stern then asked Miley whether she needed him to fix her up with another person or not, male or female. Miley joked with the host that she was ok with “all genders,” however, she’s kind of in the mood for “some D.”

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As it was previously reported, Miley and Liam split up last year and she went on to switch genders entirely. The pop star began dating Kaitlynn Carter not long after she stopped seeing Brody Jenner, who later went on to date Josie Conseco, the daughter of the legendary MLB player.

As for what Liam Hemsworth has been up to lately, reports claimed he was in a relationship with an Australian model. Liam also reportedly moved back to his native Australia where he has been laying low ever since he and Miley split up.

Sources have stated Miley and Liam were different from each other, with the latter preferring a more laid-back lifestyle, whereas Miley doesn’t mind being in the headlines.