Mighty Ducks Child Star Brock Pierce Is Running For The Presidency

Mighty Ducks Child Star Brock Pierce Is Running For The Presidency

Brock Pierce has come a long way from his acting days. Pierce, who appeared in the 1996 comedy film, First Kid, went on to become a cryptocurrency billionaire, and now he’s itching for the top spot in the Oval Office.

The New York Post reported today that Pierce has been moving up the ladder in the 2020 presidential race in hopes of beating Joe Biden and Donald Trump as an independent. Earlier in his life, he worked alongside Emilio Estevez in The Mighty Ducks films before going on to star in the First Kid with Sinbad.

These days, his run for the presidency has garnered solid reviews, and he hopes to provide an alternative to the two main candidates in this year’s election.

During a new piece from Variety, Pierce reflected on the time he got to meet Bill Clinton and Sonny Bono when he was much younger. The star claims he actually had the opportunity to spend time in the Oval Office as well.

Regarding his relationship with Sinbad, Pierce says he and the comedy performer are still great friends and they text each other on a regular basis to keep in touch. He went on to describe Sinbad as a “wonderful man,” saying how they’ve been speaking to each other for years.

Following his brief career in acting, Pierce got into bitcoin, internet gaming, and other areas of the technology industry which is where he made all of his money. Now, he’s 39-years-old and he has two daughters whom he raises by himself.

According to Brock, it’s time for the United States of America to make big changes. Pierce says neither Biden nor Trump have any solid grasp of technology which is increasingly becoming an important part of life, especially in the developed world.

Pierce went on to say that he’s not hearing anything substantial from either side. He mostly hears negativity, and neither candidate is resonating with young people.

According to the New York Post, Pierce once spent $100,000 in donations to Trump‘s campaign to give him an opportunity to lobby the president on Puerto Rican relief.