Melrose Place’s Amy Locane Will Be Going Back To Prison

Melrose Place’s Amy Locane Will Be Going Back To Prison

Page Six says Amy Locane will be going back to prison. This Thursday, the New Jersey State Superior Court Judge Angela Borkowski slapped Locane with eight years in state prison regarding a car crash that took a woman’s life in 2010.

Reportedly, Amy will serve six years behind bars before she’s eligible for parole. Amy appeared on the spin-off of Beverly Hills, 90210 amid its first season in 1992, and in 2010, she found herself in a car crash that killed Helene Seeman and left her husband, Fred, severely injured.

According to the court documents, Locane, who was spotted drinking alcohol on the night of the collision, blamed the third motorist for distracting her. Amy slammed into their car as they drove onto the driveway of their property.

Page Six says Locane’s BAC level was three times above the legal limit, and she was driving 18 miles-per-hour over the speed limit as well. NBC Connecticut claims she tried flirting with one of the police officers who responded to the scene of the crime.

Her lawyers tried to suppress this information when the case went to trial. In 2013, Locane was convicted on vehicular manslaughter charges and she went to prison for three years.

However, her case has seen several appeals and resentencing. Reportedly, Amy’s case has had three different judges who have handed down four different sentences.

Her attorney has argued that the state of New Jersey can’t charge her again for the same crime, especially considering she has already served her first prison sentence. The judge said on Thursday that Amy still hasn’t taken responsibility for what happened that night.

She also argued that Amy appears to be at risk of repeating the same behavior. Amy has a busy family life including two children, one who has Crohn’s disease. This played a role in one of her lenient sentences, in addition to the fact her ex-husband filed for divorce five months after she got out.

During a conversation with reporters from New Jersey’s website in 2017, she claimed she made a terrible mistake and would always live with that pain.