Meghan Markle Stops By American’s Got Talent In Her Second Cameo This Week

Meghan Markle Stops By American’s Got Talent In Her Second Cameo This Week

Meghan Markle has found her way onto primetime television, a report from Page Six revealed today. This Wednesday, Meghan appeared on the last episode of the 15th season of America’s Got Talent, in which she showed her support for Archie Williams.

Page Six reported that Archie spent many years of his life behind bars for something he never did. Markle said during her virtual call that she and Prince Harry were “moved” by his story and that they were rooting for him from the beginning.

Meghan also said she and her man were “partial” to his name. Of course, Meghan and Harry have a 1-year-old child together named Archie. Meghan cheered Archie on while stating that it was something she would get used to doing considering she and Harry have a child named Archie.

According to multiple reports, the 59-year-old, Williams, was put in prison for 37 years for something he didn’t do. The formerly incarcerated reality star claimed he turned to music as a way of getting through the most difficult times in his life.

Amid reports of his story, the Innocence Project attacked Williams case and he got out of prison in March of 2019. During his appearence on the series, Archie said he had watched America’s Got Talent from prison and he would always visualize himself on stage.

On Tuesday night, Williams performed the legendary song from The Beatles, “Blackbird,” however, Brandon Leake was named as the winner for the season. This marks the second time Meghan has made her way onto television this past week.

Meghan and Harry appeared on ABC’s Time 100 special. Related to Archie’s case, the issue of criminal justice reform has been on the minds of many individuals across the United States over the last couple of years. For instance, Kim Kardashian began working with Brittany K. Barnett to help free people who were wrongly imprisoned or given overly harsh sentences.

This came around the same time as the case against Meek Mill, in which he was unjustly put on probation for 10 years after repeatedly violating his parole.