Meghan Markle Commemorates Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Following Her Death From Pancreatic Cancer

Meghan Markle Commemorates Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Following Her Death From Pancreatic Cancer

The death of the Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has been all over the news over the last two days, with many celebrities and performing artists commenting on her passing. Page Six says Meghan is just one other star who commemorated the pop culture icon.

In a statement sent to multiple outlets, the 39-year-old Suits alum described Ruth as a woman of “deep conviction” and an “incomparable and indelible legacy.” Meghan went on to say that Ruth was a brilliant and courageous woman.

“She has been a true inspiration to me,” Meghan added. The star urged her fans and followers to remember her legacy and act in her honor. As most know, following her marriage to the British royal family member, Meghan and Harry moved to Canada briefly before moving to the United States.

This past month, it was reported that Meghan and Harry moved to California, where Markle was born and raised. The Supreme Court dropped a statement on Friday night in which they revealed Ginsburg had passed away from pancreatic cancer while surrounded by her friends and family.

Another star to comment on the death of Ginsburg is Felicity Jones, alongside Armie Hammer, who both starred in a movie about her life. Jones and Armie explained what it was like to meet Ruth while filming their movie about the iconic Supreme Court justice.

Jones touched on Ginsburg’s legacy, noting how she fought against incredible odds to become a Supreme Court justice. She said Ginsburg was a person who wasn’t supposed to make it in the system, but she busted through and changed it forever.

Felicity also joked about how Ginsburg couldn’t take her eyes off of Armie Hammer after meeting him. In the film, Armie played Ginsburg’s husband. As for Armie, he said it was “nerve-wracking” to meet someone with such a huge legacy.

However, both stars noted how helpful she was in the process of creating the film. Despite their political differences, even Donald Trump, the president of the United States, commemorated Ruth Bader Ginsburg while at his rally in North Carolina, his first in weeks.