McDonalds Confirms That Travis Scott Meal Deal Caused A Supply Chain Shortage

McDonalds Confirms That Travis Scott Meal Deal Caused A Supply Chain Shortage

In case you missed it, Travis Scott and McDonald’s revealed earlier this week that they had a collaboration coming up. Travis and the fast-food giants announced the Travis Scott burger which included a bundle of merchandise sold online.

Regarding the meal itself, it’s been reported that the Travis Scott burger is a quarter-pounder with cheese and bacon, as well as a side of fries with barbeque sauce. Moreover, McDonald’s and the Astroworld artist began selling merchandise, including a Chicken McNugget shaped pillow that went for $90.

The pillow has since sold out, but third-party retailers began selling it for $450 on their own websites. In addition to selling a ton of merchandise, which certainly made a lot of money for the ex-boyfriend of Kylie Jenner, Hot New Hip Hop reported that the Travis Burger caused a supply chain shortage at specific locations.

USA Today reported on a statement from McDonald’s this week in which they confirmed that the popularity of the Travis Scott meal led to a shortage of certain ingredients at some of their restaurants.

Some of the items in shortage include slivered onions, shredded lettuce, bacon, and beef. Those are all of the ingredients that make up the Travis Scott meal. An internal memo that was read to employees claimed the burger had created such a demand that they ran out of supplies.

Reportedly, McDonald’s has been struggling over the last few years to market some of their products to younger generations. For instance, Big Macs aren’t as popular with Millenials as they are with their parents. Partnering with McDonald’s was undoubtedly a way to appeal to much younger audiences.

According to USA Today, McDonald’s released a statement in which they described their launch as “so lit,” that they sold out much of their main ingredients.

Earlier this week, NLE Choppa sounded off on the Travis Scott meal deal, but not in a positive way. Recently, the rapper revealed he would be engaging in a more healthy lifestyle, and he urged some of his fans to step back and take a look at the food they’re eating.