Mase Says Kanye West Owes Him An Apology For Making His Career Transition At The Height Of His Fame

Mase Says Kanye West Owes Him An Apology For Making His Career Transition At The Height Of His Fame

It seems like the whole world is talking about Kanye West, yet again. The rapper revealed he wanted to become the president in July of this year when he announced his run for the presidential seat. As it turned out, Kanye was serious because he began campaigning, doing everything in his power to get on the ballot on some of the most important states.

After that, the rapper criticized his wife and mother-in-law publicly, got into fights with other recordings artists, received visits from some of his closest friends, and also peed on his own Grammy award. Kanye threatened to continue if he didn’t get what he wanted.

Now, the Yeezy creator has been putting the music industry on blast, arguing that record labels have been ripping off artists for years through things like “distribution fees” and other fine-print stipulations.

This week, Kanye called attention to Puma, as well, arguing that the brand had “embarrassingly trash designs.” West said he would work with Puma and everything would be ok. Either way, Kanye’s tweets caught the attention of Mase.

Mase shared the comment on his IG, “much of what you are feeling has been expressed before,” in relation to his music industry criticisms. Mase accused Kanye of using the same mindset and business model to shame him out of his recording contract.

Mase says he left the “very same system,” but Kanye shamed him for it when he said he was going to leave. As it was previously reported, Mase was about to explode in popularity when he chose to become a minister instead.

In one of Kanye’s songs, “Devil In A New Dress,” the rapper called attention to his decision to leave, writing in the song, “don’t leave when you hot, that’s how Mase screwed up.”

Mase went on to say that Kanye owed him and his family a public apology for making fun of his decision to serve God at the height of his career. It’s not clear what Kanye is going to say to Mr. Mase, but the rapper usually responds when people call him out.