LeBron James Upset That Lori Loughlin Can Reportedly Choose Her Prison

LeBron James Upset That Lori Loughlin Can Reportedly Choose Her Prison

This week, Lori Loughlin was granted the right to serve her time behind bars at a federal correctional institute in Victorville, California. Just Jared reported that the institution in question is a medium-security prison and it only has 300 inmates.

In addition to being a small facility, it also includes things like ukelele lessons, origami, and yoga. Obviously, the news, while good for Lori and her husband, was not impressive to people like LeBron James, who called out her supposed white privilege.

The star wrote on his Instagram account that he was “laughing cause sometimes you just have to stop from crying.” He added that it didn’t make any sense to him.

Reportedly, Lori chose the prison because it’s not far from where her daughters live. In case you missed it, Lori was sentenced back in August for her crimes in the college admissions scandal. She was only given two months in prison including two years of probation.

Lori and her husband also have to serve hundreds of hours of community service and Lori must pay a $150,000 fine. Mossimo Giannulli was given a slightly more severe sentence.

The topic of Mossimo and Lori’s prison sentence has been controversial ever since it was announced they were going to cop a plea deal. As most know, the couple was fighting against the charges for over a year until they finally decided to plead guilty.

Initially, Lori and Mossimo tried to defend themselves by claiming they were duped into believing they were merely making a donation to Rick Singer. However, photographs of Lori and Mossimo’s two daughters on rowing machines appeared to show otherwise.

It was reported earlier this month that Lori and Mossimo would be serving out their sentences in prisons featuring specialized classes and lessons, including the right to do yoga, pilates, and also to learn how to play an instrument.

Social media users and celebrities have called out the couple for purportedly receiving special treatment from the criminal justice system which wouldn’t be afforded to them if they had a different skin color.