Kodak Black Was Transferred To A New Prison After He Accused His Former Prison Of Torture

Kodak Black Was Transferred To A New Prison After He Accused His Former Prison Of Torture

It seems that Kodak Black is not doing too great these days if the latest details about his situation are true. The Shade Room brings pretty disturbing news about him.

TSR quotes info from TMZ and notes that ‘Kodak has been removed from the prison where he filed a lawsuit accusing them of torture.’

It’s been also revealed that Kodak’s lawyer Bradford Cohen confirms that Kodak has now been transferred to USP Thomson, which is a high-security prison in Illinois.

TSR notes that ‘Since the transfer, his lawyer says Kodak feels he’s being treated better now, compared to his previous prison, Big Sandy in Kentucky. Though Kodak is out of Big Sandy, he is now farther away from his family. USP Thomson is about 1,500 away from his family in Florida.’

Someone noted this: ‘Bruh, I mean if ya can’t handle prison then don’t offend ����🤣,’ and a commenter said: ‘He thought filing a lawsuit would get him out of jail… Nah, it just got you out of THAT jail.’

A follower posted this message: ‘They don’t wanna see him winning! They just want to see him in the penitentiary 😭 #freekodak.’

Someone else said: ‘See, sometimes it’s about having money…not race. So all those prisoners who are broke gotta suffer?!? Not cool.’

Another commenter said: ‘Y’all better open that cell and let my bro outta jail,’ and someone else posted this: ‘so everybody just getting tortured in prison now ☠☠.’

A fan wrote: ‘That’s good man was going through too much up in there💯,’ and someone else said: ‘They just need to free him or just let him finish his time on probation or something like Dam.’

One other commenter said: ‘Guards really do torture inmates and get away with it. It’s horrible.’

Stay tuned in order to find out the latest news about Kodak.