Kirk And Rasheeda Frost Are Working Out Like Crazy – See Their Video

Kirk And Rasheeda Frost Are Working Out Like Crazy – See Their Video

Kirk Frost and Rasheeda Frost are working out like there’s no tomorrow to get in shape. Check out the clip that he posted on his social media account.

‘Me & @rasheeda hit a quick 2miles today…moving on to the weights now 💪🏾💪🏾#letsgo #5lbstogo,’ Kirk captioned his post.

Someone said: ‘I ain’t gone lie like you got that genuine team work I can see it!!! Like that real love for each other💪💪😘 youll don’t be doing too much like one jealous of the other you’ll gone put each other on!!! Cause you’ll know AINT not one of youll going NOWHEEERRRE LOLBFR!!Screaming team…KIRK&RASHEEDA#.’

A commenter asked Kirk this: ‘What did you use to put those mirrors up on the wall currently turning my one car garage side into a home gym.’

Someone else said: ‘Get it! Couples that workout together stay together.’

A commenter said: ‘@frost117 are you and @rasheeda going to post anymore cooking videos. I really enjoy them I even made the lemonade with blueberry and strawberries…it was the bomb dot com😁. Love yall!!’

Lots of fans sent their love to the couple and appreciated the fact that they are still together.

In other news, Kirk Frost brought up the car show that will take place in 2021, and he shared a bunch of pics with their gorgeous cars. Check out Rasheeda and Karter Frost posing below.

‘Car show on the way 2021 @rasheeda can we get 2 of your cars 🤣🤩 @mrbiddybarnes @thebbsboys got some great things coming soon,’ Kirk captioned a photo.

Also,Kirk just caught Rasheeda dancing around the house and he quickly filmed her. Check out the video that she posted on her social media account.

‘This the dumb shyt I be doing at home!! @frost117 caught me,’ she captioned the clip on IG.

Rasheeda and Kirk are living their best lives with their family these days.