Kehlani Says She’s Taking A ‘Major Space’ From Her Supporters After Fan Account Leaked Her Address

Kehlani Says She’s Taking A ‘Major Space’ From Her Supporters After Fan Account Leaked Her Address

Kehlani isn’t happy. After one of her fans leaked her address on the internet, the performing artist is taking a step back from social media for a little while to find her bearings again. This comes as a surprise because Kehlani regularly engages with her fans.

However, because of the actions of one overzealous and creepy person, the R&B artist has chosen to take some time away from her participatory interventions for now. The star wrote on her Twitter account this week that she had to “fast track” her move because an account found and shared her address.

Kehlani went on to say that she was going to take a “major space” from her supporters, and no one should ask why she’s MIA from now on. She added, “I love y’all but it’s a wrap.” Obviously, a large number of her fans are unhappy with the news.

Kehlani is active on social media not only when it comes to promoting her own brand, but also for standing up for friends. Earlier in the year, the performing artist stood up for Megan Thee Stallion amid her controversy involving Tory Lanez.

As most know by now, Lanez has been accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the feet. There haven’t been any charges laid against Mr. Lanez, at least in terms of assault with a weapon, but he has been charged with gun possession.

Regardless, Kehlani was just one artist who shouted out to Megan amid her social media scuffle with curious commenters. In fact, Kehlani announced she would be removing Tory from the part of her music video which featured Tory.

Kehlani and Megan have had a great relationship for several years now, so it’s no surprise that she made the decision to stand up for her. The artist said she wouldn’t be removing his line from her album, however, because it “didn’t work that way.”

The R&B star probably couldn’t remove Tory from the record on streaming platforms because the record label had already uploaded all of her songs.