Katy Perry Acquires Restraining Order Against Man Who Claimed He Wanted To Break Orlando Bloom’s Neck

Katy Perry Acquires Restraining Order Against Man Who Claimed He Wanted To Break Orlando Bloom’s Neck

Page Six reported this week that Katy Perry, the singer-songwriter, was recently granted a restraining order from a court of law regarding a man who was threatening her family on social media. The 35-year-old accused the man of making “death threats” toward her husband-to-be, Orlando Bloom.

Documents obtained by Page Six claim that the 35-year-old pop star filed for an order of protection this past Monday and it was given to her on the same day. Reportedly, her restraining order concerns a man named William Terry, a homeless individual who lives in a silver Buick Sedan.

The most recent incident of harassment occurred on the 8th of September, this year. In her petition filed this month, Katy claims Terry jumped over the fence of her Beverly Hills home in Los Angeles.

When he made it over the fence, her security team told him to leave but he wouldn’t. They made a citizen’s arrest and then the LA police formally pressed charges against him. Katy, her staff, and her family were all present for the incident.

When speaking with the police, Terry reportedly claimed that he wanted to enter the house. He also tried to get into her home on the 3rd of August.

Even though the authorities pressed criminal trespassing charges against Terry, Perry said in the court documents that she is fearful he will return to her home to continue stalking and harassing her family.

According to the singer-songwriter and her attornies, Terry said he wanted to “snap” Orlando Bloom‘s neck, the father of her child, and fiancé. Katy is also trying to make the restraining order against Mr. Terry permanent.

There will be a hearing on the 8th of October regarding the order’s permanency, which will apply to not only Katy, but also Bloom, and their newborn daughter Daisy Dove. Bloom also has a child with Miranda Kerr, Flynn, 9, and the order will apply to him as well.

Katy Perry isn’t the only pop star to deal with stalkers and criminal trespassing. It was also reported that Eminem had a man break into his home earlier in the year.