Kanye West Tweets And Deletes Message Insinuating Someone Will Murder Him

Kanye West Tweets And Deletes Message Insinuating Someone Will Murder Him

Kanye West tweeted out and then deleted a tweet that some of his fans found disturbing. Page Six says the performing artist dropped a comment on his Twitter account this week in which he suggested that someone would have him murdered.

After addressing his daughter, North, West wrote on his Twitter account that he was “going to war” and putting his “life on the line.” West also referred to the media as “white media,” and claimed they were going to try and convince the world he was a bad man.

West went on to say that people would threaten to take her away from him, and if that was the case, he just wanted her to know that he loved her. As it was noted above, Kanye has since deleted the tweet.

In addition to commenting on the music industry and the “white media,” West posted a photo of his 7-year-old child, North, whom he had with Kim Kardashian, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum. Fans of Kanye began urging the rapper to get help.

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One person added that Kanye needs “real help, stop feeding into this.” Page Six says that the response from fans was mostly one of concern, with social media users urging him to seek out therapy from medical professionals.

Kanye has been struggling with bipolar disorder for years. Earlier in the year, the rapper also revealed he would be running for the top position in the Oval Office, however, reports surrounding his campaign have been very negative.

For instance, some have accused Kanye of creating a mock campaign to simply steal votes away from Joe Biden and solidify Trump’s chances of winning this year.

Kanye has been in the headlines for his family life as well, including over the summer when he claimed he had been trying to divorce Kim Kardashian for a long time. Kim later responded to the controversy by claiming the rapper had a mental illness.

While in South Carolina, Kanye delivered a speech in which he began to cry over having considered having his daughter, North, aborted. Sources say Kanye and Kim are still working on their marriage.