Kanye West Temporarily Banned From Twitter For Revealing Phone Number Of Forbes Content Editor

Kanye West Temporarily Banned From Twitter For Revealing Phone Number Of Forbes Content Editor

2020 has been a strange year for Kanye West. In July, Kanye revealed he was going to run for the 2020 presidency following years of teasing the idea. Most fans of his never thought he was serious enough to do it, but they later discovered otherwise.

Not long after, Kanye’s mental health was called into question by social media users and traditional news media journalists. In fact, even his wife, Kim Kardashian, addressed the rumors and touched on Kanye’s bipolar condition.

This month, Kanye turned his attention to the music industry. It was reported this week that Kanye put one of his Grammy Awards in the toilet and peed on it. Moreover, Kanye also asked for a sit-down between himself, Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar.

West rarely gets himself into trouble with the moderators of social sharing platforms, but he did this week. Kanye was put on hold on Twitter after he tweeted out the cell phone number of the Forbes Chief Content Officer.

Kanye revealed Randall Lane’s contact information, which included his phone number as well. The rapper wrote on his Twitter account that if any of them wanted to call a “white supremacist,” they would just have to call the number of the Forbes editor.

As it was noted above, Kanye has been all over social media this week with revelations into the conduct of music industry executives and record labels. For instance, West pointed out some of the fees that are written into record contracts like distribution fees.

West claims the record labels figure out ways to make money off the artist in so many different ways, oftentimes without even “trying.” Regarding Kanye’s tweet about Randall Lane, Twitter did flag it with the message saying, “this Tweet violated the Twitter Rules.”

Twitter doesn’t tolerate the doxing of other members. Westside Gunn, one of Kanye’s friends, says he got off the phone with Kanye earlier in the day. He confirmed that Kanye was banned from the platform, albeit only for a moment, or at least until he removes the offending post.