Justin Bieber And His Team Hint At A ‘New Era’ Of Music Following Release Of Changes

Justin Bieber And His Team Hint At A ‘New Era’ Of Music Following Release Of Changes

Earlier in the weekend, Justin Bieber got all of his fans excited because he claimed he had a major announcement coming up. Hot New Hip Hop says several members of the performing artist’s team indicated there was a “new era” of music coming from the Canadian singer-songwriter.

In recent news, Justin Bieber appeared in a music video alongside DJ Khaled and Drake for the track, “Pop Star,” and the singer also revealed he would be dropping a new single of his own as well, this Friday, following the release of Changes.

On his Instagram account, Bieber wrote that there was a “new era” and a “new single.” He added, “it begins,” alongside another hash-tag, “Holy,” featuring Chance The Rapper.

It’s not entirely clear what Justin Bieber is currently up to, but fans of his know that he recently dropped a new project, Changes, which was more in line with R&B rather than his traditional pop-style. Near the start of the year, Justin released “Intentions” including Quavo.

In other news, it’s been reported that Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Baldwin-Bieber, could be having a baby soon. Fans of the pair know they first got married near the ending of 2018, and since then, the couple appears to be doing well.

Justin and Hailey snuck away on their own and obtained a marriage license in September 2018, following a few weeks of rumors that they had secretly gotten married. Around that time, it was also revealed that Selena Gomez had entered into a mental health facility.

Fans believed Justin and Baldwin’s marriage was part of the reason, although, this was never confirmed. Regarding the potential of Baldwin and Bieber having a baby, Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” was the first to predict the couple would be having a baby sometime in 2021.

Now, fans are wholly convinced the couple is going to make an addition to their family sometime in the coming months. More importantly, the celebrity couple was in the headlines once again when they were reportedly spotted at a medical facility.