Juice WRLD Fan Files Lawsuit Against Lil’ Yachty For A Beatdown At Rolling Loud LA

Juice WRLD Fan Files Lawsuit Against Lil’ Yachty For A Beatdown At Rolling Loud LA

Lil Yachty is finding himself the target of a lawsuit over a 2019 altercation at the Rolling Loud Los Angeles music festival. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that a Juice WRLD fan filed a lawsuit against Lil’ Yachty and his entourage for assault.

The outlet claims the incident first went down in December 2019, just a couple of days after the rapper passed away from a reported drug overdose. A tribute was planned for Juice WRLD and it attracted a lot of fans.

One man, however, wasn’t allowed to stay for the show. Jimmy Quivac has filed a suit against Lil Yachty for assault, accusing the rapper of enticing his crew to beat him up on festival grounds. Reportedly, Quivac was walking by himself and he noticed the rapper and his friends near the entrance.

Quivac apparently tried to walk around Lil Yachty and his friends when he accidentally bumped into one of them, which led to a shouting match. Lil Yachty allegedly threw a punch at Jimmy and it all went downhill from there.

Subsequently, his friends got involved and they started stomping on him and kicking him as well. As a result, Jimmy is filing a suit against them for assault and battery, in addition to emotional distress.

Lil Yachty responded by claiming he wasn’t a “problematic person,” and he doesn’t go around picking fights with people. Thus far, it’s not clear who is in the wrong, but if the suit continues, more details will be revealed.

As most know, the death of Juice WRLD has been a massive draw in the music industry. Earlier this year, his mother, Carmella Wallace, dropped a statement in which she paid tribute to her fallen son in honor of World Mental Health Day.

Wallace revealed she had started a new website, Live Free 999 Fund. Carmella also wrote a letter in which she talked about her son’s mental health battle. According to Carmella, Juice WRLD used to be very open with her about his battles, and she believes it’s one of the reasons why he was so honest about it.