Jamie Lee Curtis Thinks Chris Evans Leaked His Explicit Photos On Purpose

Jamie Lee Curtis Thinks Chris Evans Leaked His Explicit Photos On Purpose

Jamie Lee Curtis believes Chris Evans, the Captain America star, just might’ve posted his nude pictures on purpose. A report from Movie Web this week featured Jamie Lee Curtis saying how she thinks Evans’ leaked photos were premeditated.

As it was previously reported back in September of this year, Evans was all over social media after he posted a video of he and his family playing a game. Initially, it appeared to be completely PG-13, however, near the ending of the recording, the actor’s camera-roll came into the frame.

The actor’s camera roll featured a photograph of what fans believed were his genitals. It didn’t take long for the images to be shared all over the internet. Chris quickly eliminated the video but fans had already screenshotted it and shared it everywhere.

Evans went on to write on his account, “now that I have your attention, VOTE Nov 3rd.” Jamie Lee Curtis, who worked alongside him in the movie, Knives Out, joked that she was proud of him and it certainly got her attention.

Amid her conversation with Kelly Clarkson recently, the host asked Curtis if she believed it was pre-planned, and she insinuated it was. She kicked off her response by praising him as such a “smart” and “beautiful human being,” however, she then asked whether it was done on purpose.

Later, Chris said the incident was “embarrassing,” and went on to claim that his weekend was filled with “teachable moments.” Regarding what Jamie Lee Curtis had to say about it, the actress claimed she initially thought about making some jokes at the actor’s expense.

Whether Evans intentionally leaked pictures of her genitalia or not, this wouldn’t be the first time such a thing has happened to a celebrity. Amid the release of a project from Bella, the actress’ nude photos had been leaked on to the internet.

Right around the same time as her pictures hit the web, the star was also releasing a book, prompting many of her fans to wonder if it was premeditated or not as a marketing or promotional technique.