Inside Wendy Williams New Set For Her Eponymous Television Show

Inside Wendy Williams New Set For Her Eponymous Television Show

Wendy Williams will be back on the set of The Wendy Williams Show on Monday to start her brand new season, sources have claimed. An insider who spoke with Page Six says Wendy will be working with a brand new set with a few minor adjustments as well as some items from her home.

As it was previously reported, Wendy was on Late Night With Seth Meyers earlier in the week and she explained why she didn’t want to shoot from her home. The star says she lives “in an apartment,” and it felt too personal for her to shoot from her living space.

She claimed she didn’t want people to see the place in which she lived, because they wouldn’t understand her “groove.” Reportedly, Williams’ studio audience will tune in by a Zoom call, and she’ll be following strict COVID-19 guidelines.

The insider went on to say they will be checking the temperature of everyone on-site and also doing regular testing. On account of her comments on the Late Night With Seth Meyers show, some fans believe she shaded her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter.

Reportedly, Wendy noted how it wasn’t her fault that she was living in an apartment, and fans believe it had something to do with her divorce. Even though Wendy seemed a little annoyed at having to live in her New York City apartment, the television show host admitted that she sometimes liked to see what her neighbors were doing.

As most know, the couple sold their house earlier in the year after first putting it up for sale last year in August.

At the time, Kevin and Wendy were in a hurry to sell the house because they were going through a very public divorce. It was revealed that Kevin had a baby with another woman behind Williams’ back.

At the start of the year, Kevin and Wendy finalized their divorce before they sold their house in August. Reportedly, Kevin and Wendy decreased the price of the home more than once so it could be taken off the market.