Hugh Jackman’s Dog Appears In The Frame As The Actor Visits With 9-Year-Old Bone Marrow Recipient

Hugh Jackman’s Dog Appears In The Frame As The Actor Visits With 9-Year-Old Bone Marrow Recipient

On Thursday night, Hugh Jackman appeared at an online gala for the DKMS blood cancer fundraiser, Page Six revealed. Reportedly, a spectator who spoke with the outlet says that the X-Men alum joined the chat to surprise the 9-year-old patient, Grady, and his dog rushed into the video.

Hugh had to apologize for the sudden appearence of his pet. Rather than try and scurry her away, Hugh picked up his dog and introduced her to everyone watching. Grady Smith, 9, was given a bone marrow transplant from Jessica Carroll.

The event raised over $3.5 million, and Jackman revealed he was also on the list to make a bone marrow donation. Fans of Jackman know he has a reputation for being one of the nicest guys in Hollywood.

During a recent appearence on Good Morning America, Hugh Jackman revealed that he had been calling Blake Lively to see if she was doing ok amid the coronavirus pandemic. Jackman admitted he has been checking on her all of the time.

Reportedly, Hugh and Ryan Reynolds are great friends and they’ve been taking shots at each other for years now. Sources say they both love to playfully tease, and their sense of humor is fairly similar.

For instance, Hugh and Ryan regularly use their social media accounts to troll each other on a number of topics. The interactions between both of them are seen and celebrated by all of their fans.

Regarding his Good Morning America appearence, Hugh said he was checking in on Blake Lively all of the time to make sure she’s doing alright. The actor joked that it must be really challenging to live with someone like Ryan Reynolds.

In other news, Hugh has been in the headlines for his time at home. Earlier in the year, Hugh revealed that he has been spending a lot of time in self-isolation, and during that time, he has continued his studies. Hugh has been taking online classes at Columbia University.

According to Jackman, taking courses totally changed the way he looks at movies. Now, he wonders what the story means, and how it can help him improve as an artist.