Hilaria Baldwin Is Sick Of Social Media’s ‘Opinions’ Of Her Family And Her Instagram Content

Hilaria Baldwin Is Sick Of Social Media’s ‘Opinions’ Of Her Family And Her Instagram Content

On her social media this week, Hilaria Baldwin shared her thoughts on the way in which many of her fans have been trashing her and her family online, particularly her posts about those closest to her.

E! Online claims that just a few days after having her fifth baby with Alec Baldwin, Hilaria took to her IG to say she wasn’t willing to deal with any “negativity” regarding her constantly expanding family and her Instagram content.

The star wrote on her account that if anybody gives her unsolicited advice on what and when to post, she would immediately block them. You can check out one of her posts below:

Baldwin went on to say that she wasn’t interested in hearing such opinions from anyone. Baldwin claims she uses her social media to share her family to the world, especially their newborn son, Eduardo Pau Lucas Baldwin.

In response to Hilaria putting her foot down, Alec praised the mother of his children, saying how she was responsible for the direction of her account’s content, and her alone. Tamra Judge did the same thing as well, arguing that many social media users simply overstepped boundaries.

As it was previously reported, Hilaria and Alec revealed they had another child on the 9th of September, Wednesday. Fans of the family know it’s growing all the time. Alec and Hilaria already have Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, and Romeo.

Alec has more children as well, including Ireland with Kim Basinger, his ex-wife. Not long after her child was born, Hilaria posted a photo in which she celebrated her family but also commemorated the lives lost on the 11th of September, 2001.

Hilaria is frequently in the headlines for her lifestyle and life as a mother. During a conversation with E!’s Daily Pop, the fitness guru shared what it was like to get pregnant again. She said she first got pregnant when she was 28-years-old.

Since then, she has been pregnant at least one time nearly every year. Hilaria went on to say that she has been pregnant for a long time, and her body is getting tired.