Genshin Impact Disclosures Details Regarding One Of The New Characters Named Mika, Who Is Scheduled To Debut In The Next Several Months

A handful of new characters will join the playable roster in the coming months due to the next major update to Genshin Impact. According to the official live broadcast event, Dori, Collei, and Tighnari will all be new characters who will be included in the next update 3.0.

Although the three have not formally joined the live servers, fresh leaks have already provided more details about the upcoming characters to join the Genshin Impact roster. An additional Mika character has been mentioned recently and is rumored to appear soon.

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In earlier Genshin Impact leaks, Mika was characterized as a brand-new Mondstadt character who could be identified by his petite build, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Mika appears very open, but he can grow uneasy around unknown faces, according to UBatcha1, one of the most reliable leakers in the game, who has disclosed more details about this mysterious character. However, no one should be fooled by Mika’s diminutive stature since multiple leakers have revealed that he is a mighty man.

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In a few comments, people express their desire to see a new character with supernatural strength as a critical component of their arsenal. In Genshin Impact version 3.1, which is scheduled to release around September 28, Mika will make an appearance, according to UBatcha1.

He will reportedly show up as a surveyor for the reconnaissance company, where he seems to be a vital component of the scouting squad.

In addition, Mika will supposedly have a Cryo Vision regarding his element, according to to hug diluc, another well-known leaker. However, Mika’s absence from any of the videos may have been due mainly to the fact that he is a Mondstadt figure, and there is a possibility that he will appear at the next Mondstadt Festival.

Genshin Impact is now accessible on smartphones, personal computers, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 5.