From $4.5 Million To $20 Million, Joaquin Phoenix’s Salary As The Joker Increased

From $4.5 Million To $20 Million, Joaquin Phoenix’s Salary As The Joker Increased

The next Joker sequel will bring in four times as much money for Joaquin Phoenix, an honorary Oscar winner for his work as Arthur Fleck.

For playing the well-known character again in the franchise’s newest installment, Todd Phillips will make $ 20 million. As a result, Phoenix’s pay climbed by more than 400% compared to the first movie, where he made $4.5 million.

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Although the specifics of the upcoming film’s plot are still largely unknown, Lady Gaga joined the project and is rumored to play Harley Quinn’s mad lover and best friend.

The network is talking about the possibility of “Joker: Madness for Two” becoming a full-fledged musical, given Gaga’s musical abilities. Fans of the first movie should keep an eye out for news because DC Films and Warner Bros. Pictures haven’t officially confirmed anything yet.

Studio officials acknowledge that some performers have increased their quotes due to the payments at Netflix, Apple, and companies of a similar caliber.

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Johnson, for instance, requested and received $22.5 million to portray the title role in the DC superhero film “Black Adam.”

Additionally, he will be paid millions extra for producing the movie and receives additional compensation for using his social media connections to advertise it.

But those lavish payouts come with restrictions. In other contracts, Apple has incorporated stipulations that tie compensation to films being completed on schedule and within budget.

Additionally, all streamers are essentially paying the actors’ backends. That removes the chance that their films will fail to make money at the box office, theoretically depriving them of all those bonuses.

However, if, for example, “Killers of the Flower Moon” becomes a global phenomenon, it also places a limit on their prospective earnings.

Stars who are successful also benefit in other ways. As part of his original contract, Jason Momoa had the option to return for a sequel to “Aquaman.