Felicity Jones Commemorates Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Says She’ll ‘Miss Her Deeply’

Felicity Jones Commemorates Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Says She’ll ‘Miss Her Deeply’

It was reported by multiple outlets this week that Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, and stars and celebrities have been shouting out to the former Supreme Court justice amid news of her death. Felicity Jones, for instance, portrayed Ruth in the 2018 movie, On The Basis of Sex, and she made sure to commemorate the judge.

In a statement to Today this week, Felicity described Ruth as the type of woman who gave people “hope,” and a “public figure who stood for integrity and justice.”

Reportedly, Felicity starred as Ginsburg in the movie, On The Basis of Sex, which came out not long after the documentary and 2015 book, Notorious RBG: The Life And Times Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Both projects helped to catapult Ruth Bader Ginsburg into a pop culture phenomenon.

Two years ago in December, Jones and her co-star in the project, Armie Hammer, touched on what it was like to meet her in person. Both parties said it was very “nerve-wracking” to speak with someone with such a great reputation.

According to Jones, when she and Armie went to hang out with her for an afternoon to get to know her on a more personal level, she couldn’t take her “eyes off of Armie Hammer.”

As for what she was like, Jones claims Ruth was “very open,” and she was very helpful during every part of the movie. However, Jones admitted that Ginsburg was unsure if she would be able to pull off a Brooklyn accent as a British woman.

And the aspect of Ginsburg that was most impressive to her, Jones explained, was the fact she fought “upstream” the entire way to becoming a Supreme Court justice. She says the system wasn’t designed for someone like her to be there.

As it was noted above, many other celebrities touched on the death of Ginsburg as well, including Meghan Markle. In a statement shared with Today, Meghan described Ginsburg as a woman of “an incomparable and indelible legacy” as well as a woman of “deep conviction.”