Fat Joe Tells Big Sean “You’re A Beautiful Soul,” Compares Him With Nipsey Hussle

Fat Joe Tells Big Sean “You’re A Beautiful Soul,” Compares Him With Nipsey Hussle

The Fat Joe Show is quite successful and we have to say that the virtual talk show has become a phenomenon on Instagram Live. It was a great idea to take these talks on social platforms and entertainers to have all those famous people join them online.

On September 22, Fat Joe invited Big Sean to talk about Detroit 2, and how the rapper feels about the album reaching No. 1. But during their talk, Fat Joe took a moment to praise his guest and compare him with the late Nipsey Hussle.

Nipsey did appear on Detroit 2 on their single “Deep Reverence,” which led to Joe praising the departed rapper for being original. Here’s some of Joe’s words:

“Rest in peace Nipsey. Nipsey was on his way up. So, he had to reach where he was gonna reach as an artist. He didn’t get there—it was bigger for him coming.”

The host carried on, telling Big Sean and the viewers what made Nipsey great: “But, as a beautiful person, people love him so much as a beautiful guy. Always smiling, always talking to you, always this. That’s why when you seen Nipsey passed away, the outpour of love was unreal because everybody was like, ‘No, not this guy. The nicest guy in the world… So we wouldn’t let it go.”

Then, Joe explains that he sees the same kindness in Big Sean as well: “You have that, too, Sean. I know what I’m talking about. You got that—how people love you, how people champion you. Why? Because you’re a great guy. You’re a great person. You’re a beautiful soul. You’re a great guy. You’re not out here with the dumb s**t.”

Sean then smiled and thanked Joe for his words. Later on, he retweeted that part of the Live show and wrote: “whole interview was amazing, thank you @fatjoe.”

Fans replied to the video, sending hearts and prayers to Nipsey, and agreeing with what Fat Joe said. “Fat Joe is preaching the truth,” wrote one of Sean’s followers on Twitter.