Eva Marcille Talks About Loyalty – Check Out The Message She Shared With Her Fans

Eva Marcille Talks About Loyalty – Check Out The Message She Shared With Her Fans

Eva Marcille posted a message about loyalty on her social media account. Check it out below.

‘Be loyal to yourself🌻Fake people will always give you a real reason to cut them off 👀 @trentshelton Listen. These are some of the truest words you’ll hear. Everybody isn’t your friend. Hard times will always reveal that. Some people are around you because of what surrounds your life, not because of what’s in your heart. Ask yourself this MAGIC QUESTION. “If all I had to offer was friendship, who would still be around?” Everybody in your circle might not be in your corner. Jealousy lives a lot closer than you think. Appreciate the real ones in your life. And remember, real situations will always expose fake people. Pay attention. TAG YOUR REAL FRIENDS TO THIS VIDEO!’ Eva captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘This is hard to watch Bc I’ve had to accept some hard truths about people I thought were my friends. But you’re right, I gotta be loyal to myself first.’

A commenter posted this: ‘This is why I keep my circle small I don’t need 15 friends because out of that 15 your are going to have snakes and friends who don’t want to see you pass them I have 1 really good friends who know everything about me and I’m fine with that.’

One other follower said: ‘I’m so learned that you have to take people for who they really are and that’s why I’m staying loyal to myself no time for FAKES.’

Someone else wrote: ‘Yes, you put it as real as could be ..cut them off ..I had one friend and find out she wasn’t a friend at all a user….never put anything in my life ..as if she didn’t care about my achievements but only hers someone that talked about me behind my back when she got mad cause she didn’t like to hear the truth about herself..but it was all good ..He said it all in a nutshell ..let them go and that is what I did…Thank you ..👏👏👏👏

In other, news Eva Marcille is celebrating one year since she launched the CBD products and she’s dropping a surprise on her social media account for fans.