#EndSARS: Nigeria says Special Anti-Robbery Squad dissolved

#EndSARS: Nigeria says Special Anti-Robbery Squad dissolved

Nigeria’s police chief has announced the dissolution of a notorious anti-robbery unit following days of widespread protests against police brutality.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) has long been accused of harassment, unlawful arrests, torture and even murders. Thousands of people marched across the country this week to demand it be disbanded, while #EndSARS trended online in Nigeria for several days.

In a live broadcast on Sunday, Muhammed Adamu, inspector general of police, said the unit had been abolished “with immediate effect”. He added, however, that all SARS officers would be redeployed to other police commands, formations and units.

Adamu also said the Nigerian police force would work with human rights groups and civil society organisations to investigate cases of alleged human rights violations.

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