Drew Barrymore Says She Hasn’t Had One Date Since Her Divorce – Here’s Why!

Drew Barrymore Says She Hasn’t Had One Date Since Her Divorce – Here’s Why!

It turns out that Drew Barrymore has not been on one date since her Will Kopleman divorce in 2015 and during a chat with Jane Fonda, she explained the reason why! Apparently, the actress simply hasn’t found the time for romance!

With that being said, Drew Barrymore wanted to make it very clear, for anyone interested, that she is not completely done looking for love.

However, she admitted that she’s simply not sure she has the time for anything serious at this point in her life.

On her newest episode of her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, she had none other than Jane Fonda as a guest and the two chatted about her love life and fitting that in with everything else she is doing.

So, on the topic of giving up men, Drew said: ‘Can I please talk to you about this? Because I think I’m there and have been there the last five years.’

But Jane assured Drew that ‘you’re so young! You’re too young to swear off anything. You’ve gotta stay open to anything, Drew.’

The Charlie’s Angels actress went on to praise Jane for her ‘full’ life, gushing over her family, her philanthropy and more!

‘Who has time?’ Jane then said, prompting Drew to open up more about her own problem with time and dating.

‘Yes! This is where I’ve been at. Now, listen, I’m not closed for business. But I have been exactly in that mentality for the last five years, thinking, ‘I just don’t have the bandwidth, I don’t know if I’m willing to open my — I just, I can’t fit it in!’ she complained.

Well, she may not have enough time for anything serious but Jane suggested that she can always ‘squeeze a little affair or two in there. I’m all for that!’