Drake Likes Tweet From Boosie Badazz Where The Rapper Puts Kanye West On Blast

Drake Likes Tweet From Boosie Badazz Where The Rapper Puts Kanye West On Blast

Kanye has been a busy man over the last week, and while he has found supporters amid his social media battle with the recording industry, the rapper hasn’t found a supporter in Boosie Badazz. West recently name-dropped Drake in one of his tweets and Badazz put him on blast for it.

As it was previously reported, Kanye has been releasing a firestorm of tweets about the conduct of some of the biggest record labels and publishing companies in the game. For the most part, the battle has been one-sided because the organizations haven’t responded.

Kanye has been discussing the importance of artists owning their master recordings, which is a rarity in the music business. As part of most record label contracts, artists forfeit the rights to their music in exchange for help promoting, recording, and distributing their music.

West took to his Twitter account this week to say that he and the rest of his supporters were going to change the record deal for every touring artist out there, “except for Drake‘s.”

Kanye went on to say in all-capital letters, “just kidding, I love Drake too, All artists must be free.” Even though West was clearly joking, and many of his fans thought it was funny, Boosie Badazz criticized the rapper and asked why he always felt the need to say the Toronto artist’s name.

In all-capital letters as well, Boosie Badazz asked why Drake’s name was always coming out of his mouth. Boosie went on to accuse Kanye of being jealous, and he didn’t understand why because Kanye is doing so well financially.

Even though Drake has been busy with his own life lately, apparently, he did catch wind of the comment because DJ Akademiks screenshotted an image of the post which showed the rapper liking what Boosie had to say.

While Drake may have liked the tweet, Hot New Hip Hop says that many in his OVO crew believe Kanye has a point. For instance, Reps Up Preme chimed in on the debate, saying that what Kanye has been saying for the last week is 100% true.