Cynthia Bailey Continues To Raise Awareness About Breonna Taylor’s Case Six Months Later

Cynthia Bailey Continues To Raise Awareness About Breonna Taylor’s Case Six Months Later

Cynthia Bailey shared a message about the case of Breonna Taylor. She, just like many other important and relevant people, is asking for justice.

‘It’s been 6 months since Breonna Taylor was murdered in her home by Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove—and her killers have not been charged. Too often Black women who die from police violence are forgotten. Let’s stay loud, keep demanding justice for Breonna and her family, and SAY HER NAME,’ Cynthia began her post.

She continued and said: ‘This tee was created by @phenomenal in partnership with the Breonna Taylor Foundation, to which all profits are donated. #breonnataylor #sayhername #justice.’

Someone commented: ‘The guy that hit by the police in Clayton county does not deserve anyone’s sympathy. He shot my 7-year-old nephew in his foot 4 years ago. He, alongside my nephew’s mother put the children in dog cages at time and did more. Arrest the cops that killed Breyona Taylor but don’t advocate for the man that caused my nephew to have to deal with things no adult should have to.’

A commenter said: ‘Often black, whites, latinos/hispanic women are killed by criminals and are forgotten too! We also demand justice for those.’

One follower posted this: ‘I watched the Breonna Taylor documentary on Hulu. This young lady should have not lost her life, I pray justice is served.’

One other commenter wrote: ‘I think maybe you should keep your opinion to your self as America is going to shit and thing like this do not help its very sad but not your problem I’m sorry we love to see you neutral.’

Someone else posted: ‘Back the Blue. Breona chooses to lay up with thug drug dealers. You can’t lay with a cartel and expect no harm. She was also on, ex-boyfriends account and handled money for him while in jail. Jailhouse recordings note her talking of moving money, paying this and that. More to the story…. Audio was released last week.’

A fan wrote: ‘So sad I pray that they lock them up it tears my soul apart hearing this 🙏🏽’

In other news, Cynthia Bailey could not be happier ahead of her wedding with Mike Hill.

The event is getting closer and closer, and she cannot wait for the important day to come.

You should check out the gorgeous photo that she just dropped on her IG account.