Cardi B Says That Infidelity Had Nothing To Do With Her Divorce From Offset

Cardi B Says That Infidelity Had Nothing To Do With Her Divorce From Offset

On Friday night, Cardi B went on Instagram to share the truth about her divorce from Offset which has led to a lot of rumors and chatter on social media. Fans know the couple announced their split earlier last week, and since then, rumor has it that Offset’s infidelity was to blame.

On her account, Cardi B kicked off her post by thanking her fans and followers for wishing her well during trying times. However, the 27-year-old rapper says she hasn’t “shed one tear” about her divorce with Offset.

Furthermore, she claims the separation has nothing to do with Offset’s past cheating scandals. As most know, they had already split up once back in late 2018.

Cardi says Offset‘s various personal issues that play out in the media have really messed her up. She says she is always “crying” and “always sad” because of him. She says she doesn’t like “that type of s**t.”

Cardi B said concisely that Offset’s sexual behavior wasn’t the reason for their split. More importantly, the rapper says it’s not because of a baby with another woman either. According to the “Bodak Yellow” artist, they’ve simply outgrown each other over the last few months.

She says they got tired of fighting all of the time and not seeing things “eye-to-eye.” Cardi B says the arguments, drama, and built-up tension led to their relationship’s collapse, not cheating. Cardi and Offset have a 2-year-old child together named Kulture Kiari.

As it was previously reported, Cardi and the Migos artist split up this past week following months of neverending rumors of infidelity and other problems. Even though they had their issues, most of their fans figured they would last forever.

Obviously, this was an ill-conceived notion when taking the latest news into consideration. Initially, it was reported that the Invasion of Privacy artist wanted spousal and child support, but as it turns out, the rapper just wants to move on and end things with her ex amicably.

In case you missed it, in Cardi’s divorce petition, she requested spousal and child support, but she and her legal team later amended it.