Boosie Badazz Called Out For Not Wearing Underwear In New Social Media Post

Boosie Badazz Called Out For Not Wearing Underwear In New Social Media Post

Boosie Badazz is always in the headlines for some reason or another, but usually not related to his music. Hot New Hip Hop says the rapper never managed to get the reality television series that he wanted, and his Instagram was also deleted, but he’s still managing to produce quality content for his fans.

Badazz started a new Instagram account this week with the hash-tag, “@boosienewig,” whose description includes the line, “@zuck deleted my last Instagram account.”

Hot New Hip Hop claims the rapper’s new account is trending at the moment, even though his old page’s content has been deemed as flag-worthy by Instagram’s algorithm. However, now, the performing artist is in the headlines for another reason.

Reportedly, Boosie was out of underwear recently while he was going through screening. He says a woman called him out for not wearing proper undergarments. He says that he was “so embarrassed,” because he bent over and a woman yelled that he didn’t have any “drawers on.”

“Boosie ain’t got no drawers on,” the rapper joked. He said it’s all part of the lifestyle because sometimes you’re out on tour and you just don’t have as much clothing as you need. As it was noted above, Boosie has been having a difficult time over the past few months, but he always manages to make it back on top.

For instance, the rapper, like many other recording artists, saw his profits slashed as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic that effectively ended concerts and festivals all over the world.

Boosie started using his Instagram account to make money, including a deal he had made with a local restaurant in which he was paid to promote their chicken wings.

However, he took it too far – at least as far as Instagram’s algorithm is concerned – when he started promoting his OnlyFans account on the ‘Gram. Subsequently, the rapper had his account banned from IG and he had to start fresh once again. Boosie also shouted out to Mark Zuckerberg and asked him to reinstall his account, in addition to threatening a lawsuit.