Becca Kufrin Shares If She’d Ever Be The ‘Bachelorette’ Again!

Becca Kufrin Shares If She’d Ever Be The ‘Bachelorette’ Again!

While on the Off the Vine Podcast, Becca Kufrin opened up about possibly returning to the Bachelorette! Would she try the show again or not?

As fans of Bachelor Nation might know, Becca was on the show during the 2018 season and she offered to final rose to Garrett Yrigoyen.

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Unfortunately, however, the two did not last, announcing their split back in September of this year.

When asked by the host if she’d go back to the show for a second chance at finding love on the small screen, she made it clear that she is not really into that anymore and the reason will surprise you!

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Still, the reality TV stat stressed that she would never say never.

‘Oh god! I do not know. Lately, people have been asking me I think just because I am single. I never want to say no and I would never want to say never. But also, I’m 30. I feel like a grandma. I just love to sleep. I love my bed. I love snuggling with [my pup] Minno. When you film an entire season, there is no sleep for 2-plus months I don’t know if I could do it again.’

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But, of course, that is not the only reason why she doesn’t see herself going back.’

Her engagements with Arie Luyendik Jr. and with Garrett are to blame as well!

‘I was engaged 2 times already. I do not want to keep racking up the rings. As much as I love Neil Lane, I do not want to have a ring graveyard,’ she mentioned.’

Speaking of rings, the Bachelorette revealed that while she doesn’t have the one from Arie, the one from Garrett is still in her possession: ‘It is just sitting on my dresser. I do not know what to do with it. I am never going to wear it again. I do not want to reuse the diamonds for anything, for myself. I do not want that juju.’