Ariana Grande Shows Before And After Pictures While Promoting Her R.E.M Beauty Line On Instagram Stories

Ariana Grande is known for her many talents including singing, acting, and now even being a businesswoman. She’s an insanely talented woman and has been for many decades. Ariana Grande is best known for her role as Cat on the popular show “Victorious” and the show “Sam and Cat.” She’s been known throughout her life because of her once red hair which is no longer her hair color. However, Ariana Grande has built up a huge following for herself due to her acting and singing career.

Ariana Grande has recently launched a beauty line called R.E.M beauty. The line is incredibly stunning and fans are so happy with Ariana Grande’s success in the business world. Just a few days ago, Ariana Grande posted two stories of herself showing her before and after of using the products of the line on herself.

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In the before photo, Ariana Grande was wearing a strapless black dress with her stunning complexion on display for everyone. In this photo, she did not have any makeup on. She simply seemed to be enjoying her cup of coffee. She mentioned her brand in the photo and captioned it “Before”.

In the second photo, Ariana Grande photographed herself sitting in her car with a full face of makeup on. She wore a black strappy top and had her dark hair pulled into a high bun to show off her makeup. The makeup itself was very natural and the focus was brought to her beautiful brown eyes as well as her light pink lips.

She launched the brand, labeling it vegan and cruelty-free. The brand has received many compliments and appreciation from users since and has become an extremely popular brand in the makeup community.

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Fans are so proud of Ariana Grande for her efforts towards making this a brand that is not only environmentally conscious but also has amazing products. The brand itself has been used by many makeup artists and a rare few ever have anything bad to say about it.

Ariana Grande is everyone’s favorite and knowing that she created something so wonderful has genuinely made a ton of people happy. Her fans have been loyal to her since the beginning and there is no doubt they will continue supporting her forever.