Alexis Skyy Said She Needed To Throw Up After Eating Travis Scott’s New McDonalds Hamburger

Alexis Skyy Said She Needed To Throw Up After Eating Travis Scott’s New McDonalds Hamburger

In case you missed it, Travis Scott and McDonald’s teamed up recently in the creation of a new Travis Scott-themed hamburger, as well as a plethora of merchandise that was sold online. One such item included a Chicken McNugget pillow that sold for $90, although, it later went up for resale on other third party retailers for $450.

Regardless, Travis Scott‘s partnership with the brand has reportedly led to meme content and social media posts from teenagers going to their local McDonalds while blasting the song, “Sicko Mode.”

While it appears to be mostly a win for both Scott and McDonalds – with Scott likely earning a massive paycheck for the promotion, and McDonald’s getting attention from the younger generation – some have targeted him with criticism.

For instance, the burger is just a quarter pounder with extra bacon, leaving some underwhelmed by the lack of creativity. And rappers such as NLE Choppa have urged their fans and followers to watch what they eat and avoid anything that can poison one’s mind. Choppa also told fans to grow their own fruits and vegetables instead of eating fast food.

Alexis Skyy joined the ranks of some of Scott’s critics, although, not because she’s a sustainable lifestyle advocate or an environmentalist. Skyy reportedly tried out the Travis Scott burger and told her fans that she wanted to throw up.

Skyy wrote on her account alongside a picture of the receipt, “I’m sorry but I have to throw up after eating that sh*t.” Even though Skyy didn’t like it, Hot New Hip Hop says the burger has led to a shortage at some of McDonald’s locations, although it’s not clear if the fast-food juggernauts released that memo as a marketing tool.

It was reported this week that an internal memo got out which claimed they were running out of key ingredients at some of their locations.

As for what the employees think of the new partnership, older staff members don’t even know who Travis Scott is. One report from Hot New Hip Hop week suggested that employees in one Utah location still don’t know Travis Scott.