According To Kid Cudi, His Daughter Vada Is Fascinated By Music

The September issue of Esquire features a cover featuring the 38-year-old rapper “Day N’ Nite.” In the interview that goes along with the video, Cudi, real name Scott Mescudi, discusses how he balances stardom with spending time with Vada, his 12-year-old daughter.

Cudi recalls that when in Cleveland with Vada, he separated from her to pose for a few pictures with two admirers. In the interview, he asked her how she felt about the experience when he got back into the car.

Vada said, “Sad because I want it to just be us,” to her father. Cudi then pleaded with his followers to grant his daughter’s request. He continues, “Let this be an APB for everyone out there.”

Cudi admits he was both anxious and eager to play for his daughter during his upcoming tour. The tour I’m about to embark on will be the largest she has ever seen, he claims. “I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of it,” she said.

In other places, Cudi describes his daughter as “the coolest, bravest person” and reveals that despite her reservations about his celebrity, she is a theatre student who has demonstrated an interest in music. Then he expresses his desire to get married and offer her siblings in the future.

The individual describes himself as “a relationship man.” “My objective is to meet someone. Soon hopefully. And produce more children by getting married.”

Cudi’s candid discussions regarding his mental health with his followers and the general public were a major topic of the conversation. If his daughter ever needs assistance, he hopes that his willingness to seek it out would serve as an example for her.

“She might not have all the answers. However, once she’s out in the world and in college, she’ll have some experience living, so whatever she decides to do, “Looking forward, the rapper adds.